Can YouTube Music play offline?

The popular music application YouTube Music is available to users in free and paid versions. In the first case, you can access the service for free on an ongoing basis, but its functions will be very limited. It will not be possible to create your own playlists and listen to them offline. And this is perhaps the main drawback of the free version. Even obsessive advertising can be tolerated, and without access and the Internet, listening to your favorite music will not work.

If a user has a YouTube Music Premium subscription, they can add tracks offline and listen to them without an Internet connection. Music content will be stored on the device for up to 30 days. To prevent it from being deleted, you must connect to the Internet at least once during this period. In this case, the calculation of the period of 30 days will begin anew.

Having subscribed to the Premium category, the user will have access to all the functions of the popular music service. It can listen to music without advertising, include a random order of playing tracks, save music content and watch it anywhere, for example, in public transport or on an airplane.

There are two ways in which music content can be stored in the device memory.

The user can enable smart download. When it is turned on, the device will automatically save a selection of all music tracks based on the listening history.

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The second method involves manually downloading music. You need to choose your favorite tracks, playlists or albums and then just download them manually.

The size of the selection depends on the amount of free space on the gadget, as well as on the duration and quality of the stored content.

When you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for the first 30 days, you will be able to use the free version of the application. 7 days before the end of this period, subscribers will be notified that the end of the test period is approaching.

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