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The most famous English songs in the history of music

New songs 2021 of Nigeria

Where can I find a list of new songs 2021?

What is the number one selling song of all time?

Who sings the remix of «Roses»?

What genre is «Roses» Imanbek remix?

Is Depeche Mode making a new album?

Why are K-pop songs disappearing from Spotify?

Why do rappers carry cash?

How much does Taylor Swift make on Spotify?

How much does rapper Drake Graham make from Spotify?

Ginjin from ASTRO claims to often meet name in social networks

Coachella again postponed to 2022

Korean singer Rain will return to the cinema

Kardi Bee wants to be «the woman on billion»

Hacker who hacked Kanye West’s account caught

Ringo Starr criticizes 1970 documentary

Chevelle sold six million albums, but did not earn anything

Eli Buendia will take an active part in the 2022 election campaign

Topps has removed a BTS card with bruises on its faces

Billie Eilish photo broke the record in Instagram

Mike Portnov sent a new strike mount to colleague from Indonesia

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Economy suggested the return of live concerts

BTS received double platinum certification in the United States

Gabriella Wilson won a Grammy, but wants an Oscar

Papa Roach continue to celebrate the anniversary of the album’s

Jacoby Shaddix: «I’m just stuck in a depression and just stuck in this space»

The Weeknd reissues its mixtape

Grammy winner says what he will do with the Golden Gramophone

Sir Paul McCartney began to write an autobiography in poetry

David Gilmour from Pink Floyd celebrates the 75 anniversary

Alice Cooper released new video about fight against a pandemic

Kang Seung-Yun of WINNER announces return

The Kazakhstan railroader became a world star

Arctic Monkeys music to be streamed online

Rihanna paid $14 million for the McCartney floor neighborhood

The Sherlocks announced the release of a new single

Malaysian rapper Namewee says he will surrender to police in his homeland

BTS hit the Guinness Book of Records again

Tinа Turner decided to end career

Billie Eilish manicure completely repeats her suit on the Grammy

Billie Eilish cancels world tour

Dieter Bohlen leaves the prestigious European show

Pop singer Mandy Mettbach convinces with an animated concert

Brave Girls believed that the last time on stage

Protests of musicians against Spotify

Accept decided to fight coronavirus


Black Sabbath founder wants to record a new album

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