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Brazilian Girls Unit Linda of Gunma will debut on April 24 with a new single

Flea told who formed his approach to music

What is discussed after the Grammy?

Elton John makes Vatican accusations of hypocrisy

Virtual Hatsune Miku continues to earn millions of dollars

The inventor of the compact cassette passed away

In the Philippines, created musical instructions in an earthquake

«The Panturas» released a new music video

Kanye West got the 22nd award of the Grammy

Britney Spears commented on the kiss with Madonna

Adam Levin sings the daughters of songs of the 2000s

Taeyeon from the NCT Boy Band launched his own account on SoundCloud

Anderson Paak spoke about possible collaboration with BTS

K-pop stars in South Korea allowed not to serve in the army yet

A new PENTAGON clip has been released

Forbes named K-Pop artists who may be waiting for breakthrough success in the United States in 2021

Fans of IZ * ONE threaten to boycott the agencies of each of the participants

BTS could not get a golden gramophone

There are several options for Eurovision 2021

Linkin Park’s most controversial album

Nas received first Grammy Award

Selena Gomez – EP’Revelación Review

Beyonsе became the absolute winner at the Grammy

Unexpected results of the Grammy-2021

Rapper Drake released a new intriguing track

Many musicians announced Grammy boycott

Paul McCartney took part in a master class

Alice Cooper doesn’t believe rock is dead

Britney Spears pleased admirers with new videos

Lana Del Rey is trying to save Mexican restaurant

Who will open the Grammy Award?

BROCKHAMPTON teased with a new teaser

Mike Patton will sing the theme of ninja turtles

Kanye West officially became a billionaire

Deezer launched a project to support female musicians

Jackson Wang released the new clip on the single «Magnetic»

Julien Baker on «Little Oblivions»

Tracey Morgan will play Louis Armstrong

Hacked BTS account in TikTok

ASTRO confirmed the return in April

Incredible BTS victory

IZ * ONE will break up in April

ZAYN decided to send Grammy to hell

Eminem is back in the spotlight

Steve Klein sentenced to two years for indecent behavior

Former bodyguard Kanye West decided to create a film

Charlie XCX decided to make a revision of music

Spotify resolves dispute with Kakao

Cyprus is forced to refuse to participate in Eurovision

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