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CD Baby

Gradually, modern digital music distribution applications are becoming universal royalty collection services for beginners:

  • singers;
  • songwriters;
  • composers.
CD Baby

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You need music distribution services if you wish to share your own song on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, etc. These services not only put your music on the market but collect all the royalties from the song worldwide also. You don’t have to worry about declaring your income and collecting money.

CD Baby is the oldest digital music distribution platform in the industry. The company was the first off-label application to provide iTunes music distribution services to anyone who wanted them.

CD Baby can easily be called a leader among the ” universal” suppliers of goods and services for DIY musicians. The service is listed as an iTunes partner, with a “Preferred Partner” tag, a partnership with UMA to monetize its music on the VKontakte platform is also present. The company actively seeks to collect 100% royalties from musicians and pay them in full (so far this has not happened, but the chance is great), so musicians will not have to register with different distribution services – everything can be solved within CD Baby.

Among the conveniences of the platform it’s worth mentioning:

  • the excellent statistics;
  • the possibility of a very detailed track description.

One thing that was not found – is a lack of functionality for downloading the lyrics.

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If you have a need to transfer your music data from one service to another, one of the most comfortable applications – the portal MusConv will help you with it. Download it and use its capabilities for yourself!