Charlie XCX decided to make a revision of music

Charlie XCX said she was considering returning to unfinished music, work on which she began before the coronavirus pandemic.

During the period of quarantine and isolation, the pop star continued to work, which resulted in the writing and recording of a fourth album called «How I’m Feeling Now». The singer does not hide that this album was released outside the plan and schedule, since she envisaged the release of another studio album. But his exit, unfortunately, did not take place due to quarantine.

However, now Charlie says that she began to think about returning to work on music, which she wrote before the quarantine began last year.

The gradual easing of the severe restrictions associated with the world pandemic of coronavirus stimulates music industry figures around the world to begin active creative activity.

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Today, even music market experts cannot say with certainty what the size of the financial losses suffered by the music industry as a whole. In addition, the ban on live performances in front of the audience made music streaming services the most popular and accessible way to promote compositions. It was they who over the past year, in the face of a pandemic, became the main source of income for musicians. Many of them joke that all music, like business, went online.

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