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Charlotte Lawrence presented the new ballad

To Charlotte Lawrence only nineteen, but she is already known model which was advanced to visit covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. And also the singer collecting millions of listenings on Spotify and viewings on YouTube.

Young Charlotte, the daughter of the screenwriter and the producer Bill Lawrence and the actress Christa Miller, grew on music of The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers therefore it isn’t surprising that she began to sing and play the piano from five-year age. Her favourite singer — Bon Iver, and hobby for singers-poetesses Johnie Mitchell, Patti Smith and Stevie of Knicks affected her own approach to creation of lyrics and ballads. They are often deep and personal, in them the singer tries to pass on the teenage experience with all sincerity.

Such approach made Charlotte very popular among the generation which sensitively reacts to her creativity.

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The other day Charlotte Lawrence shared the last single «You» which began to gain popularity quickly. The single will enter subsequently a new album of the singer which is planned to be released in 2021 under the working name «Charlotte» today.

The single is, in fact, the piano ballad which Charlotte considers for herself special. For her this composition became a kaleidoscope of emotions and personal experiences which led to writing of a new musical track of romantic orientation subsequently.

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