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Chevelle sold six million albums, but did not earn anything

American rock band Chevelle has long been familiar to rock lovers. In total, more than six million of her albums were sold. But the frontman of the group claims that they «did not earn money» on the sale of music.

Somehow not very lucky rock musicians with contracts. The frontman says that they are «raw», it was necessary to work more with highly qualified lawyers before signing an agreement with record studios and production companies.

American rock band Chevelle

The singer said that the group’s eight albums brought considerable profit, but it went to major labels, and the artists received almost nothing. By the way, the group simply refused to release ninth studio album, despite the efforts made to create it. He runs into Epic Records, which, he said, earned more than $50 million from the sale of the band’s albums.

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Today, musicians are thinking about a complete transition to music streaming services and receiving royalties from them, since live concerts are so far banned, and cooperation with large labels does not bring half of the expected profit.

Some circumstances allow us to think about the upcoming business war between large music labels and large music streaming services. The grounds for such assumptions arose when it became known about the recent appeal of several large record companies to the Committee on Digital Technologies, Culture, Copper and Sports (DCMS), in which he demands to consider the issues of the business model and the economics of music streaming services.

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