Choosing A DJ Music Device For Beginners

If you decide to embark on the path of a DJ and build a successful musical career in the future, then it will be interesting for you to find out what kind of equipment you will need for this. The main element of this equipment, as a rule, is the controller.

 The DJ Controller is an external DJ music device that connects to a computer to simulate traditional DJ setups and various musical workflows. You can draw, mix, control effects, and navigate your library on your computer with the DJ Controller, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them function as all-in-one devices, and some consist of special controls such as an effects control mechanism, a mixer, and a separate scratch plate.

Beginning DJs are encouraged to use a universal DJ controller, which is generally compatible with most DJ software. Several brands have their own software and hardware built specifically for their programming, including Serato DJ and Native Instruments Traktor. They create certain functions and buttons that can only be controlled by their own software and are generally intended for advanced users and are not recommended for beginners.

So here are some tips for choosing your own DJ controller:

  • Budget: The price range of the DJ Controller is quite varied, so it all depends on how much budget you are willing to spend on it. So for beginners, it is better to choose a DJ Controller at an affordable price.
  • The features you need: various DJ needs ranging from scratch plates, built-in audio interfaces, faders, knobs, effects sliders, pads and probably many other external control features you might want from controller.
  • The DJ software you are using: Some controllers are universal and work with all DJ software, while others are designed specifically for specific software.

Guided by these tips, you can choose the best controller option for both price and quality.

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Now let’s look at three controller options that will be ideal for beginner DJs:

  1. Behringer is one of my favorite musical instrument brands because they take their products very seriously. While the price is affordable, you’ll get a solid controller and a solid machine without a lot of fancy stuff attached to the controller. The best features of this DJ controller are 4 deck control and a built-in audio interface that gives you the audio beats of quality sound recordings. Behringer equips it with software called Deckadance LE that is compatible with a variety of other controllers if you have different workstations. The 6″ touch dial is also great when you’re trying to scratch.
  2. Pioneer is also very loved because they always produce reliable musical instruments. The Pioneer DDJ-SB is the DJ controller for those of you who want to explore more versatile features. The controller is powered by USB and has a built-in sound card, offering you several additional features such as filter decay, hot cue, manual loop, and sampler functions. Interestingly, Pioneer includes it with Serato DJ, so you can try out one of the most popular DJ software in the world.
  3. It’s hard to count how many NI controllers can be generated from the Traktor software. Apart from the popular Traktor DJ software, they will give you really good practical controls. In addition, you will get microphone input, song control with direct integration with iTunes and more, among other things, it works well with iPad and iPhone software if you are interested in it.

Some may prefer Traktor and really want Serato DJ. If you are an aspiring DJ, the best solution might be to choose one of the above DJ controllers and then install the desired trial software.

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