Clara Luciani Released Documentary In 2023

In her documentary “It all starts like this,” the singer returned to the difficult period that she went through when she was in school. Clara Luciani discusses bullying at school in her documentary.

On February 8, 2023, Clara Luciani released the highly anticipated documentary. Titled “It All Starts Like This” and available on Amazon Prime Video, this project details the singer’s life, from her beginnings to her last concerts in front of thousands of people.

Not an easy task for an artist who called his relatives for this documentary. Inside we find his father and sister, who, in particular, speak of certain difficult periods in the life of Clara Luciani. The youngest was the victim of school bullying: “She didn’t talk to us directly. We learned a lot much later. She was very secretive,” her father says in “That’s How It All Begins.”

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Considered the “ugly duckling” of her school, Clara Luciani was bullied several times by her classmates: “There are students who stick buttons on my chair and throw rocks at me in the yard.” Despite everything, Clara Luciani persists and tries to divert attention in a certain way: “I did a show in the schoolyard, handed out a newspaper that dad made a photocopy. I said to myself, “I’ll please them by offering something else,” because it won’t go through the physical.

Despite the years, Clara Luciani still finds it hard to break away from this image: “I built myself around who I was, that is, unloved at school, and when I look, I still see this version of myself. What is hard is the mental stigmata that you carry with you all your life.

A situation quite often encountered in life, when those who for some reason were considered outcasts at school, become quite successful people and achieve significant results in life and business. And this often happens precisely in spite of the bullying that was once experienced by the current successful person in his school years.

Clara Luciani’s documentary “It All Starts Like This” can be found on Amazon Prime Video.

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