Clara Luciani Shares Her New Video

The popular singer has just shared her new music video “Heart”. A video in which Clara Luciani allows herself to be carried away by the sounds of her title and celebrates women went viral instantly.

The singer has finally shared the video for her hit “Heart”. From the very first seconds, the viewer is immersed in the universe of the artist. As the heart studded with diamonds sparkles, the notes of the track are heard. Different bodies begin to dance in rhythm. Among them is Clara Luciani.

This clip, simple and sophisticated, tells the story of some women and shows what some of them are willing to go for love. A struggle that she talks about through piercing words.

Clara Luciani presents her fans with a wonderful gift. A year after the release of the opus “Heart”, the artist presents a reissue of the latter. This one is called “Coeur Encore”. This new version of the singer was inspired by iconic disco titles. Indeed, the young woman chooses four catchy titles she likes before transforming them into new versions.

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Beautiful covers are on the program, like Donna Summer’s “I Fell Love”, Kool and the Gand’s “Celebration”, Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” or even ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All” which becomes “Well Done”. you won.” The reissue of “Coeur Encore” by Clara Luciani is now available.

Clara Luciani, whose name in Corsica means “Little Light”, spent her childhood in the suburbs of Marseille, where she studied and, in particular, attended the University of Art History. To make ends meet, the girl moonlights as a nanny or even a clothes saleswoman. Already passionate about music, she patiently manages her problems while waiting for her chance.

It finally comes in 2011. In the same year, she met the group La Femme. For a while, thanks to her deep and suave voice, Clara Luciani became one of the female voices of the group, along with Sasha Goth, Marlon Magne and Sam Lefebvre. Then the big adventure begins for the native Martigue, as in 2013 she will sing two songs from the album “Psycho Tropical Berlin”. the main title is “Woman” and “Time to wake up (2023)”. With La Femme, she also featured on the singles and EPs “La Planche” and “Télégraphe” before heading to new horizons.

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