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Clockenflap music festival in Hong Kong will take place again in November

The popular music festival, previously held annually in Hong Kong, last year, as in the year before last, did not take place. The reason for the cancellation in 2020 is the restrictions associated with the pandemic. But in 2019, the festival was canceled for security reasons due to mass anti-government protests that swept the city. The cancellation of the festival was an unpleasant surprise for many music fans.

But the organizers of the festival decided to please music lovers and announced that in 2021 a popular event in the world of music will still take place. True, it will be in November, but it’s already good what it will be.

So far, the organizers are busy compiling the final list of performers who will be invited to the festival. As soon as the list is fully ready and agreed with everyone, it will become the property of the audience.

But, interestingly, the preliminary sale of entrance tickets for this event has already begun. From 698 to 758 Hong Kong dollars will cost a one-time ticket, but you can get a three-day ticket by paying 1188 Hong Kong dollars at once. Until March 16, discounts on purchased tickets are valid.

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The organizers of the festival guarantee a full return of all money spent in the event of the cancellation of the festival in November 2021.

Recall that from February 18 in Hong Kong strict quarantine restrictions were lifted and mass sports and entertainment events were allowed, as well as restrictions on the time of operation of cafes, bars and restaurants were lifted.

The future popular music festival in Hong Kong should be the twelfth in a row.

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