Co-created Spotify Playlists

Swedish music streaming service Spotify hasn’t forgotten about music lovers. The app is currently implementing a set of improvements that may increase the interest in collaborative playlists.

Recently, the Swedes introduced several new products in their mobile applications. Both Android and iOS users have received a number of changes designed to positively impact the podcast section, such as notifications about new episodes or polls. It was clear that webcasting, which was constantly gaining popularity, had become one of Spotify’s priorities.

The podcast section is now growing more intensively, but this does not mean that the company has forgotten that it operates mainly through music streaming. Simply put, the music section is much more mature, so the news doesn’t come out as often. Despite this, changes are made from time to time, such as adding new items to co-created playlists.

Spotify has been offering a collaborative playlist feature for a long time. Thanks to this, friends can add their own songs. This is how we receive not only proposals for new music selected by algorithms, but also from our friends. However, now, with the release of the update, all this should be even easier to use.

First, there’s a new button at the top of the playlist that lets you quickly add collaborators to the playlist. Secondly, the avatars of everyone who has access to edit the playlist will now be at the top. Thirdly, new users’ avatars are displayed before each song or podcast episode is added. This makes it relatively easy to identify the authors and remember the most beloved of them.

How to use the new Spotify feature? To invite friends to contribute to a playlist:

1. Go to the “Library” section on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Select the playlist we want to create together with friends.

3. Click on the “Add User” button – this option is only available for your own playlists.

Yes, the whole process is very simple, and changes can positively affect the interest in jointly created playlists.

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Due to the fact that the news is released gradually, they are not yet visible to all users of the Spotify mobile app. So be patient and wait for the appropriate update. It won’t keep you waiting long.

Today, playlists have become, in a sense, the user’s calling card. Friends can watch, listen and rate them. Playlists will help you build a successful music career and make the Swedish streaming service a reliable source of income.

Spotify user statistics claims. That the average user is several times more likely to search for specific playlists, rather than individual artists, as previously assumed.

That is why today aspiring artists are not only investing their main efforts in promoting their personal music brand directly, but also in promoting their playlists, which will be the key for them to build a successful musical career and make big money in the music industry.

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