Comparing Music Streaming Services

If you are going to choose your favorite streaming service, you need to know about the features and popularity of those. Here, in this article, we will be comparing features and popularities of top music streaming services.

You may have developed an idea about which music streaming service you are going to choose. However, it is important to find out which music streaming service is the most popular one.

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So What Music Streaming Services are best in 2023?

The popularity will be measured based on paid users. Among all of the music streaming services, it seems that Spotify is the most popular, as it has 50 millions of paid user. Apple is in second position and Apple Music has 20 million of paid users.

The total number of paid users of Google Play Music All Access is not known. Deezer has 6.9 millions of paid users. Tidal has approximately 3 million of paid user. Apple may have increased its market a lot, but Spotify is the market leader. As of the end of 2016, the Apple Music was way behind the Spotify in terms of popularity.

All other top services are less popular than those two. Google has not shown any figure. However, it is not a good sign not to show any figure. Tidal had around 3 million of paid subscribers in the end of 2016. The figure of Deezer is a little bit better and it has 6.9 million of paid users.

Here, you must have to check the fact that the Deezer is around the market since 2007. The age of Deezer and Spotify are almost similar. You should consider this fact as well. Apple has a decent streaming quality. Google has a mediocre streaming quality providing 320kbps MP3. Spotify offers 320kbps OGG Vorbis.

The streaming quality Spotify is a key reason behind the popularity. While listening the songs in the internet, users have to decrease the quality for getting a better listening experience. The lowest quality of Spotify is 96kbps OGG. This particular type of music streaming is way better than MP3 of Google or AAC of Apple.

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While using MusConv, the user has just to select the source as well as destination. Source is the music-streaming provider from which the music will be transferred. Destination is the streaming provider to which the music will be transferred. MusConv actually performs this complicated task by using cloud as temporary space.     

It is very tough to find out the best music streaming services. While looking at the top music streaming services, it seems that they all of something in special. It does mean you need to look closely to find out the streaming service, which is going to be your favorite.

To find out your favorite streaming service, you need to compare the price, features and quality of service. The quality of service usually depends of the quality of streams. If a streaming service has to be popular, it must stream quality music. To stream quality content is the prerequisite of becoming a top notch streaming service provider.

In general, the quality of Tidal is the best among all, as it offers true lossless music. In addition to Tidal, Deezer also provides lossless music. Apple provides AAC, which is better than the MP3 of Google. The OGG Vorbis of Spotify is better than MP3 of Google and AAC of Apple.

However, while looking at the quality of services, it is important to understand that the sound quality has to be altered while listening to music in mobile data. It will ultimately set different parameters regarding quality.

According to this different set of viewpoints, Spotify is the best provider as the lowest quality of OGG Vorbis is 96 kbps, which is considered better than Apple and Google. In addition, you can rarely listen to lossless music while being in a mobile data network. In terms of price, you have to understand that the prices are almost similar. All of those also come up with almost same features.

Apple and Spotify have student offer. You must have to be a student for using the facilities of student package. While using the student package, the user can be able to use the features at $4.99. All premium offers will come at $9.99. The family package will be available for $14.99. While using the family package, six family members will be allowed to use the service.

All of the services have mobile apps and web player. Apple uses iTunes and iTunes helps to transfer music to Android OS. Spotify has application for windows phone as well. However, all of those services will offer unlimited downloads.

However, Spotify comes up with a download limit. It allows 10,000 download. Even after that, Spotify is the most popular streaming service provider having 50 millions of paid users. If you are looking for transferring playlist and music across different music services, MusConv can help you.   

Comparison of Sound Quality among Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music All Access, Deezer and Tidal

Here, in this paper, we are going to deal with technical data about the sound quality of various music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music All Access, Deezer and Tidal. However, the sound quality of music services largely depends upon the streaming quality.

Streaming quality usually depends upon the formatting and size. You can afford good formatting of the music, if you use high-speed broadband connection. If you are on mobile data, you will not be able to stream music with higher quality. In such circumstances, Spotify proves itself really worthy.

Spotify is considered as one of the best music service providers in market because of its streaming quality. It is said that the lowest quality of Spotify streaming is better than 320kbps MP3 of Google Play Music All Access and 256kbps AAC of Apple Music.

The lowest sound quality of Spotify is of OGG Vorbis 96kbps and you can use this if you are on low speed internet network like mobile networks. However, do not expect it to be a lot better than Google and Apple. All of the services provide excellent streaming quality and excellent quality will require larger space for music files.

Larger space for music file means more buffering and more buffering requires more internet data. That is why you also need to be on a high speedy network. Apple Music offers 256kbps AAC. On the other hand, Google Play Music offers 320kbps MP3. Deezer and Tidal offer lossless music.

Among those two, Tidal only provides true lossless music. However, Tidal is more costly than the other four services mentioned here. All other services will cost in between $4.99 to $14.99. On the other hand, Tidal is priced $19.99 for premium offer and $29.99 for family offer. The prices are doubled in case of Tidal.

Tidal will provide 1411kbps FLAC. It has 320kbps AAC and 24-bit MQA. In addition to Tidal, the Deezer will be providing music of MP3 format at 320kbps. It will also offer 1411 kbps FLAC. If you use the highest grade service from those music streaming companies, it will be impossible for anyone to judge between a steam and a CD.

In case of transferring music among those services mentioned here, you can take help from MusConv. This particular tool is the best one available in the market for easy transferring of music and playlist from one streaming service to another.