Comparison Serato DJ Lite And Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Lite is the stripped-down version of Serato DJ Pro, the world’s most popular DJ software. It lacks some of the features available in the full version.

We can absolutely assure you that at first you will not need the features available in the Pro version at all. What’s more, the average DJ doesn’t use even half of Serato DJ’s features. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. FX (effects). The effects available in Serato DJ Lite are enough to diversify your set. Scratch Live had the ability to create and customize your own presets, unfortunately Serato DJ Pro does not have it.
  2. Sync (synchronization). Basic sync adjusts tracks in speed. This is quite enough for a comfortable game.
  3. Cue and Loop. Four labels for each track is a standard set: intro, acceleration, drop, outro. More often than not, most DJs get by with just three cues and a couple of loops.
  4. Record. You can record the mix even on your phone, or ask a local “sound engineer” to do it. Many used the recording only a few times, this is far from the most needed feature.
  5. Key Analysis (tonality definitions). You can use Mixed In Key to determine the keys, although experienced DJs recommend manually determining the keys, as they know from their own experience that in 20% of cases these programs determine the key incorrectly. Serato DJ Lite hides the Key field in the library, but you can set the keys in the Grouping field.
  6. Midi, Slicer, Beat Jump, Quantize and Slip mode. All of these features can be dispensed with. Very often, DJs generally overdo it with Slicer and Slip mode. Dancing and listening to music becomes simply impossible.

Expansion packs (extensions). As for additional extensions, the most necessary of them is Pitch ‘n Time DJ. It really improves the sound and allows you to change the keys of the tracks. All other extensions, most DJs buy, but absolutely do not use them.

Unfortunately, Serato DJ Lite does not have a function to change the speed of the deck stop (there is no way to make the Vinyl Stop effect). But this is far from the most important thing in DJing.

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So, we can make a preliminary conclusion that Serato DJ Lite is primarily suitable for those DJs who are just starting to work in this exciting creative profession. The basic set of functions, although significantly reduced compared to the professional version of the program, is quite enough for work. It is also quite enough for getting a basic set of skills in DJing. By the way, some types of equipment come with a pre-installed version of Serato DJ Lite.

It is better to first study all the technical characteristics of each version of the popular DJ application, as well as read the reviews of those users who can already give an objective assessment of both applications. If there is a technical possibility, then try to use each of them for some time. This will give you an idea of ​​which version of Serato DJ Lite you should purchase.

If you’re just starting out learning how to DJ, or if you’re only using the basic features of Serato DJ (that doesn’t mean you’re not a pro), then experts recommend that you fully learn Serato DJ Lite first. And then, as needed, switch to the Pro version if you need it.

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