Connect Spotify to Xbox

Spotify is a music streaming service that revolves around simplicity and ease of use. The best thing ever happened in the world of gaming is when Microsoft announced that the gamers can Connect Spotify to Xbox to stream music and can also control the app using Spotify Connect on their iOS and Android devices.

Apart from the basic playback functionality, Xbox will also leverage the Xbox console’s background music by offering almost all Spotify premium services and last but not the least the Spotify Connect Handoff.

So, how do you really connect Spotify to your Xbox?! Scroll down to learn the step by step procedure to connect Spotify to Xbox:

Step 1 – Find Spotify on Xbox and Make Your Account

  • First things first, find Spotify in the ‘Entertainment’ menu of your game. This option is available under ‘All apps’ section
  • To make your Spotify account, open the Spotify app on your Xbox and select SIGN UP
  • Log in to your Spotify account by using Spotify Connect. Make sure your phone, laptop or tablet is handy and is on the same Wi-Fi connection as your Xbox device
  •  Open Spotify app on your phone and login

Alternatively, you can also log in with a pairing code or with your Spotify username and password.

Congrats! Your phone can now act as your controller to manage the music on your Xbox. 

Step 2- Control Spotify on Xbox

  • Once you have successfully logged in, now is the time to navigate to the app using D-pad+
  • Select A to choose features you’re looking for
  • Press ‘Done’ to start the search. With the help of the directional keys, highlight the search result
  • Press A to start playing

Step – 3 Listen While You Play

  • Click the (X) button on your controller to access the Xbox guide
  • Select ‘Spotify’ to select and play music of your choice. Notably, the music will continue to play when you return to your game through the guide
  • Locate the Play bar available at the bottom of the Xbox guide to omit certain songs, play/pause/stop or change sound settings
  • You can also use Spotify Connect to use your mobile device to remotely control the music

A handy tip to consider: Disable in-game music for the best Spotify experience

Features Included

  • Listen music in the background while gaming
  • You can browse playlists from a variety of genres and moods (don’t forget to check latest releases)
  • You can play your own music by selecting songs from ‘Your Music’
  • Use Spotify Connect to control music streaming through your mobile device