Connecting Spotify to Pioneer

Spotify Connect has been a revolutionary development as it allows Spotify  Premium subscribers to use their devices such as phones, iPod to listen to music on stereo systems . Spotify Connect allows you to stream Spotify on another device on the stereo by initiating WIFI connections between compactible devices. It also allows you to stream music from the internet. The process of streaming Spotify with your mobile phone involves;

  • Start Spotify
  • Go to My Music
  • Press the Spotify connect icon
  • All available devices for connection will appear as well as the WIFI they are connected to
  • Connect to a device

Spotify Connect is worthwhile as it offers high quality audio playback. It also allows you to control your music in supported devices. With this when it comes to connecting Spotify to Pioneer unlike other streaming services, Pioneer  Music Control App directly communicates with Spotify. Pioneer Spotify Connect makes Pioneer the first certified Spotify Connect product. It provides direct communication, access and control of searches and browsing through any compactible pioneer engine. With a mobile phone you can easily access Spotify on your compactible pioneer product thus no need for cable connection.There are various Pioneer models including wireless speakers, pioneer AV receivers and Elite AV receivers that are compatible with Spotify. Examples include XW-SMAI-K, XW-SMA3-K, XW-SMA4-K, SC-1223-K, SC-1323-K, VSX-823-K, and VSX- 43. With Pioneer one can expect high fidelity music streaming as it network enabled receivers support Spotify Connect. Pioneer also offers wireless streaming capabilities through their product Spotify Everywhere.

The process involved in connecting Spotify to Pioneer includes.

  •  Update your Pioneer device
  • Download the Spotify app
  • Subscribe to Spotify Premium
  • Start the Connect app on your phone and iPod.
  • Turn on your Pioneer Connect enabled device

Any product you select automatically becomes connected to your Spotify Premium account and as long as you are connected to the internet you can access the product from Spotify app. You might be wondering why not use Bluetooth instead of Spotify, well the use of high quality WI-FI connectivity is the advantage. With Spotify fewer dropouts are assured, there is wider range as well as the sound is superior. With Spotify Connect there is direct streaming of music from Spotify rather than through the mobile phone thus the phone acts as a remote control.

All the same recently a lot of subscribers have been reporting their home audio speakers are not connecting to receivers such as Pioneer with some devices completely losing their Spotify integration.