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Copyright strike

Copyright, in the broad sense of the word, is the subjective right of the author or another person who has rights to certain intellectual property. Intellectual property means the result of creative activity. It can be a book or story, a song or musical composition, a film and much more.

Almost all content on music streaming services is copyrighted. Thus, this content becomes licensed. This happens, for example, on the services Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube Music and YouTube.

The term of copyright protection is slightly different for different countries, but on average it is lifelong and amounts to 70 years after the author leaves our world or the last surviving co-author. After this period, the work becomes a public domain.

An interesting fact: for the first time, the law on copyright protection was adopted in India during its entry into the British Empire. This happened in 1914. It was copied from the draft British law and was valid until 1957.

	Copyright strike

If one of the users posts unlicensed content on the streaming music service, then he will receive a warning about copyright infringement. For example, if another user has posted your copyrighted video on the streaming service, you can request that the content be deleted. The request will require some information regarding audio or video content. For example, the author will have to specify his full name, the name of the work, his email address for the contact, the current phone number and address of residence. This information remains confidential until the court takes up the copyright infringement proceedings. Your email address and the information provided in your copyright infringement notice may be forwarded to the person who provided the material that allegedly violates the copyright.

You can set up a request to take effect only after a certain period, such as a week. The service will send a notification with a warning to a user who has used controversial audio or video content. He will have this period in order to correct the copyright violation. He will be able to contact the content author and find out controversial issues. If this is not done, the content will be permanently removed from the service.

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If you have received a notification of a streaming music service about copyright infringement, it is recommended that you immediately contact the author of the controversial content and find out all points regarding a clear or perceived violation of someone’s copyright. Very often it happens that the violation of copyright declared by someone is not essentially such, but was the result of an elementary mistake or ordinary misunderstanding.

It is advisable to clarify the situation before the expiration of the warning period, if any. Otherwise, your content will simply be deleted, and downloading it will not work again due to the use of the moderation system by the streaming service.

And there is no certainty that in the future, when you post your content on this streaming music service, it will be easily missed by moderators.                                                                            

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