Country Music Festival 2022

The legendary Country Music Awards show took place for the 56th time in 2022. The event was first held in 1967. It was just a discovery for country music lovers and so far remains the only such a hugely popular country music festival.

Americans in general are very fond of this musical style. This is the music of the first settlers. It was composed and sung by legendary cowboys, it is still popular today. This is the music and songs of the American provinces, there is no dense city bustle and pursuit of meth under the sun. Instead, in country songs, the unpretentiousness of life and the freedom of the Great Plains. These songs cannot become popular in other countries of the world. To be a fan of country music, you probably have to be just an American.

Country Music Awards 2022 was held on April 11 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The ceremony took place in the auditorium of the municipality, and some concerts were held in other places in the city.

The duo Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood took first place with “If I Didn’t Love You” and Miranda Lambert won Best Female Performer. She not only sings, but writes the words and music for her songs herself.

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This year, the ceremony was hosted by 17 presenters, who alternately replaced each other, announcing new songs and new nominees. The festival’s grand prize ceremony was broadcast live by many US TV and FM radio stations, as well as streamed online on some music streaming services.

When determining the winners in various categories, the festival jury makes a decision not only on the basis of its own conclusions, but also takes into account the voices of music fans who actively vote online and via SMS and calls.

We add that since its foundation in 1967, the festival has been held annually and has become the main and only international event that presents country music. It is worth adding that fans of country music from Canada, where it is also extremely popular, also came to the festival in Nashville.

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