Cover Of Shakira's New Song

Colombian singer Shakira rocked the net with an image of what would be her next release in collaboration with Manuel Turizo.

Success continues. Shakira never ceases to amaze with all the songs she performs as they are immediately among the most listened to in the world, as was the case with “Te felicito”, “Monotonía” and others.

Thanks to her fame and recognition, various artists are doing everything to be able to conclude musical collaborations with her. This time it will be the turn of Manuel Turizo, a compatriot, with whom he will compose a new song, but with a different theme than his last songs.

Social media exploded after a short video was posted on the Twitter platform of what Manuel Turizo and Shakira’s next song would sound like. This streamed clip matches the single’s chorus, which doesn’t have an official release date yet.

To the delight of all her fans, the melodic voice of the Latin American singer is heard, who repeats the following words over and over again. “I longed for you for a long time, I don’t know why. I want more, wanting to come back from an empty glass”, a letter very different from his previous successes, which speak of betrayal and grief.”

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A kind of photo has spread on social networks, which will become a cover of a new song that Shakira will launch in collaboration with Manuel Turizo. The Colombian singer’s official fan club account also promoted the image on their profile, which created even more anticipation from the public.

On this you can see the international artist tied to the ceiling with a rope. However, what has attracted the most attention is the long mermaid tail she wears and her pink-dyed hair. As you remember, in the previous songs, the “Monotonía” singer defined herself as a wolf, but this time she would rather leave her comfort zone, so she chose a marine look.

So far, neither of the two artists have taken to social media to confirm or deny the information circulating online. Despite this, the song is already recognized by the Shazam music app.

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