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How To Create An Artist Account On SoundCloud

Artists have started exploring alternative platforms for distributing their music, including the platform SoundCloud. Launched in 2008, SoundCloud has become one of the most popular online music distribution platforms. Alongside the social network MySpace, it had a significant impact on the development of independent music in the early 2010s and, despite the digital revolution and the emergence of popular streaming services, it remains a relevant tool for musicians worldwide.

For artists, there are subscription options: Pro and Pro Unlimited

Pro allows uploading up to 6 hours of music per month and provides access to advanced statistics, while Pro Unlimited offers unlimited music uploads and more detailed listening statistics. Additionally, through Pro and Pro Unlimited, musicians can upload their music to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, and Tencent, receiving 100% of the earnings from these platforms.

Apart from promotional tools, paid features, and fair revenue distribution, SoundCloud has other advantages. The main one is its multi-platform capability. The service allows embedding each track published on the platform into any social network, as well as on users’ websites and blogs, using a unique URL. This sets SoundCloud apart from other streaming services, making it particularly useful for emerging musicians seeking maximum exposure, sharing their work on various platforms, and finding a publisher for their creativity.

Musicians releasing their music on streaming platforms through official distributors often use a SoundCloud page to publish previously unreleased compositions, demos, remixes, and snippets.

Despite its similarities with traditional streaming services, SoundCloud shares many features with social networks. Musicians can receive feedback from listeners, post their tracks in thematic groups (or create such groups themselves), and find collaborators such as beatmakers and remix artists. It’s worth noting that SoundCloud has less strict copyright moderation, allowing musicians to upload covers and remixes to build their own brand. These features are particularly beneficial for hip-hop artists and electronic music producers. A SoundCloud page, especially for a beginner musician, is an important way to share their music with an audience.

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How to create a SoundCloud account as an artist:

  1. Like on any other platform, pay attention to page design, both visually (banner, avatar, color schemes) and factually (information about the artist, links to other resources).
  2. Note that the appearance of the page should be configured for each release; otherwise, SoundCloud will use the default profile photo without artistic design, potentially hindering track recognition. The platform recommends using JPEG or PNG images with a minimum size of 800 x 800 pixels and a maximum file size of 2 MB.
  3. When uploading a track to SoundCloud, provide detailed information about the artist’s name, lyrics authorship, composer information, and label. This can be done by going to the “Metadata” tab on the upload or edit page. Also, correctly tag the uploaded track with relevant genre tags to increase its chances of appearing in user searches.

What to keep in mind

The platform is ideal not only for publishing finished tracks but also for demos, unfinished works, snippets, covers, remixes, and similar content. Such releases can be excellent gifts for the audience, and for more engaging interaction with the public, you can share previews of future tracks and seek opinions and advice from listeners. Don’t forget to add your comments to your songs, including the story of their creation.

  1. The Spotlight feature on SoundCloud allows you to pin up to five tracks or playlists at the top of your profile page, helping introduce potential followers and fans to some of your best works.
  2. Additionally, SoundCloud offers the option to create an exclusive listener club for your fans using private links. With these links, you can share any unfinished songs with a limited number of listeners and send proposals to labels, blogs, or publishers. Set the affiliation of the track in the “Basic Info” section on the upload page.
  3. The last but not least important and unique feature of SoundCloud available to musicians is the eMastered engine, which allows you to master a track for free before publishing it. Note that this feature is especially useful for beginner musicians.

Transfer your playlists from SoundCloud

If you decide to change your music platform and switch from SoundCloud to another service, then use the services of MusConv. This service will complete the task efficiently and with minimal participation from you.

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