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Cubase vs FL studio

If you are interested in the technical side of the music industry, then you are definitely familiar with the software that gives the world new hits every day. Nowadays, you don’t have to hire an entire orchestra to create a hit and set up a recording studio.

Cubase vs FL Studio

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You just need to have a PC and a special program (DAW). Among the most popular platforms in 2021 are Cubase and FL Studio. So, there are discussions among amateur and professional musicians, which trying to determine Cubase vs FL Studio? Let’s find out, which one is better.

Cubase is one of the best virtual studios for vocals and creating full songs that is known for its versatility. While using this platform, you can record up to an unlimited number of audio tracks in different formats and MIDI with Visual Studio Technology. Another cool thing about this DAW is that it includes 14 gigabytes of different sounds.  This is a very powerful platform, as the ASIO FULL DUPLEX audio driver will master complex synthesizers (Arturia, Native Instruments).  

If you want to purchase a new version, you will have to pay for it, but if you want to upgrade the version you have, then you don’t have to do it. By the way, this DAW is regularly updated with new features that improve music production at all stages.

FL Studio is the editor-sequencer program for composing and editing music files which are perfect for music production and MIDI composition. It provides 4,900 sound effects and 500 tracks across the board.  The program is easy to use and supports interfaces such as MIDI, DirectX, ASIO, VST (i), ReWire, as well as audio file formats such as MP3, WAV OGG.

The main elements of FL Studio are Step Sequencer (provides fast creation and editing); Piano Roll (two-dimensional grid that shows pitch and time); Playlist (where audio files are placed); Mixer (a place where compositions are created and processed by plugins, and effects) and Sample Browser (provides easy access to audio files, plugins and settings). The platform is paid and after purchasing it you get upgrades for life.

Both platforms, available on Windows and MAC, offer perfect tools for production and editing music and support MIDI. As a result, you will get a studio-quality sound.

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