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Datsuns announced a new album aftera seven-year hiatus

The once popular band Datsuns from New Zealand announced the release of seventh music album. It is necessary to tell that musicians were silent the whole seven years and therefore many fans of music began to think that the group stopped the existence.

These songs will be the first new singles of The Datsuns after their 2014 recording of the popular track «Deep Sleep». In the form of an announcement, the musicians shared the single Brain To Brain. This is a music video in which events unfold in one of the psychiatric hospitals. It is assumed that this is the beginning of the last century, since the whole setting is made in the retro style, and the characters of the clip are dressed in the fashion of the 20s or 30s. Viewers will be able to plunge their heads into the amazing world of non-standard special effects created by Christian Livingston.

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The future seventh album, intriguing «Eye To Eye», will appear on music store shelves and music streaming services on May 28, 2021.

Band frontman Dolph Datsun said in an interview that the song, which was presented, was written back in 2016. Her main message is a step back from crazy digital reality for the sake of preserving reason. The vocalist believes that the new single will make people think about the huge shortage of live communication with each other, which they everywhere experience today.

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