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David Crosby sold the rights to the musical catalog

David Crosby is the last famous actor who sold the rights to the musical catalog, having concluded the bargain with Iconic Artists Group.

Earlier the musician mentioned the forthcoming sale of the catalog in December, having laid blame for it on a low fare with the streaming services.

Iconic Artists Group is operated by the executive director in the sphere of entertainments from the United States Irving Azoff.

The amount of transaction is not disclosed. David says that this step became forced in conditions, when there is no an opportunity to carry out direct concert activity. He considers this transaction «light at the end of a tunnel» for his family. Despite impossibility of performances for actors live, the bank will not cease to demand a regular fare on a mortgage which, in particular, David Crosby has.

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Crosby a gait in this way after many global popular performers among whom it is possible to see Bob Dylan, Shakira, Nilon Young and still many celebrities.

The transaction with Crosby once again forced the musical public to remember a payment problem from stream musical services. Royalty level which many of actors expected to receive actually appeared many times, and even is ten times lower than expected. And the restrictions connected with a pandemic drove most of the representatives of the musical industry into boondocks at all.

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