David Gilmour from Pink Floyd celebrates the 75 anniversary

The guitarist and the soloist of the cult English Pink Floyd group David Gilmour acts solo long ago. Goes to tours, sometimes plays with symphonic orchestras, and in July, 2020 I released the next single «Yes, I Have Ghosts» which collected 2.4 million viewings. And this figure causes respect.

David got into group almost accidentally. He then in general had other plans. But at the beginning of the 60th David learned to play the guitar of the lead singer of group Cyd Barret. And when in 1967 at that disagreement with health began, other musicians called it that helped out them with the guitar. In and so Gilmour began to play Pink Floyd.

David Gilmour

After Barret’s return the group acted in structure from five musicians. No then Cyd after all left group. And since 1968 Gilmour registered already on all her albums.

Of course, with Gilmour Pink Floyd became another. If before them only representatives of the London underground adored in the majority, then now I gruppastat stadium. The number of her listeners and admirers increased in hundreds of times.

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In compositions appeared developed guitar solo, attempts to create a quadraphonic sound began. Pink Floyd became the pioneer of the new, «space» direction in music which was picked up subsequently and successfully developed many other rock groups.

«Dark Side of the Moon» – one of the most sold albums in world fate to this day.

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