Day6 returned and pleased fans with the new album

The new label of the popular group JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group remains in full force and will continue to delight lovers of music.

However, the vocalists of the group Jae and Songjin took a short break to start restoring health.

Music industry insiders with access to this group claim that the release of the band’s proposed album Day6 so far scheduled for April 2021. If this information is confirmed, then the planned album can safely be called the first full-fledged release of the group since the release of their album The Book Of Us: The Demon, which became available to audiences in May 2020.

Music market experts determine the mini-album of The Book Of Us: The Demon today as one of the most popular albums released in 2020 by artists from Asia.

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As we see, the fears of admirers of the group that it stopped activities and even broke up simply did not materialize. Insiders who talked with musicians claim that the team plans several more promising albums, which should be released this year.

The growing popularity of the group arouses great interest in it in the music world. Therefore, some experts ask themselves whether the rumors circulating about the breakup of the group were a common intrigue, which is partly and effectively used in the music industry to heat interest in the performer.

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