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Deezer app vs Spotify

Music has always helped people to relieve their stresses. Some persons prefer live concerts to listen to music; however, it is expensive and time-consuming enough. That is why today many streaming music services can satisfy all needs in high-quality tracks, albums, playlists, videos, etc.

Deezer app vs Spotify

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So, the subject of our discussion now: Deezer app vs Spotify. Let us compare a few basic aspects, after that, you will be able to decide which is better for you.

Music library

  • Spotify: provides its customers with more than 50 million tracks from its music library. Thus, it is available in over 120 countries.
  • Deezer: It offers more than 53 million songs. They can be played in more than 160 countries.

The number of songs on a music streaming service is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to subscribe to the service. If you travel and enjoy music while your trips, choose Deezer. Its library certainly isn’t much bigger than its competitor, but still, 3 million songs won’t hurt you.

Sound quality

Both apps offer different music quality depending on the chosen subscription plan.

  • Spotify. You can enjoy a music quality up to 1411kbps if you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, while free users can listen to music quality of 128kbps only.
  • Deezer. Free users can enjoy music quality of 128kbps, but if you are a paying subscriber, you can choose between 320kbps (MP3) or 1411kbps (FLAC / MQA.) versions.

Personalized music selection

  • Spotify offers the highest quality of personalized music selection that is currently available on the market. Also, there are personalized radio stations, non-stop music, and mixes of the day (week, month, or year) at users’ disposal.
  • Deezer is also quite good at picking up music. But everything depends on users. They can put likes and dislikes, and the service would understand what you’re being offered. That way you can customize the service over time.

The cost of the service

The prices for Premium subscriptions are the same for both services. The availability of free usage is also identical. The free version has limitations such as ads and low quality.

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