Deezer free online music: advantages and shortcomings

Deezer is the French development created in 2007. Today this stream service is among leaders of the musical stream market and is appreciated by fans of music from a set of the countries of the world. Officially Deezer works almost in 200 countries, covering almost whole world. The interface of service is available in the main world languages, it is simple, and even users, inexperienced in computer technologies, will be able to use services of stream service.

On this platform you can find a huge number of tracks (more than 56 million) and various playlists for every taste too. There is the algorithm on personal selection of music – Flow. On the free account the service allows to listen to music as a MP3 (128 kbit/s), and for 9.99 dollars a month the quality of a MP3 (320 kbit/s) will be already available. Service has a family tariff on which it is possible to connect up to 6 people, each of which will have an individual account. Deezer allows to listen to music in FLAC that will be necessary for good earphones or acoustics. Naturally, paid accounts will be without advertizing and restrictions for the admission of tracks and rewind. It is important to remember that in offline mode the tracks will be with quality of MP3 320 kbit/s.


– quantity of tracks;

– availability;

– author’s musical podcasts;

– intuitive interface;

– high sound quality.

The library of stream service includes 56 million musical tracks, it constantly extends therefore the probability to set search and to receive the answer “by your inquiry nothing is found” is minimum. The service allows users to listen to license musical content, providing instant access to the most various global catalog of stream transfer of music on any device. The library included not only world-famous musical compositions, but also national playlists. Therefore, users from any corner of the world will be able to find music on the taste. Not only the youth, but also people of the senior generation estimated functionality of service, having found on him favorite tracks of the youth. The unique Flow function independently selects favorite music of the user for his preferences based on the previous search queries on the platform and makes fresh recommendations that does use of service by much more comfortable.

Deezer free online music: advantages and shortcomings

The user will be able to pick up favorite songs not only for playlists or for a favorite genre, but also for the specific performer. For this purpose, it is necessary to enter only a name of the performer or the name of band in the «Search» tab. With the «Notifications» tab it is possible to hold constantly a hand on musical pulse of the world, to learn the latest musical news and to get acquainted with releases. And the chosen tracks can just be kept in «My music».

The tariff policy of Deezer for subscribers is thought well over and differentiated. She considers solvency of the population and the prospect of development of service in this territory.

Deezer it is possible to use free of charge, but in this case his functions will be considerably cut down. For the maximum use of all opportunities of the French streaming service it is better to issue nevertheless a paid subscription and it will cost not much. But even at free use it is possible to enjoy quite high quality of sounding of the listened music though it will be much lower. Then in the paid version.

The tariff Deezer Premium contains the maximum set of functions, for domestic musical fans it will manage less than 4 euros a month, and the free trial version can use 30 days.

The unique tariff Deezer Family will cost less than 6 euros, but at the same time there is a possibility of creation from one to six personal accounts and listenings of tracks at the same time on 13 various gadgets. By the way, the monthly period for a trial version is also provided in a tariff.

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For payment not only cash cards of the international payment service providers VISA and MasterCard, but also electronic money are accepted.

Service is very comfortable also that it can be used offline, except for the free version in which this function isn’t provided. The free version is limited to the bitrate of 128 KB / with, and for the subscribers using any of paid data plans – 320 KB / page. Users who listen to music in the free application version can face quite often advertizing, and here in paid versions of advertizing isn’t present at all.

The Deezer interface is intuitively convenient, the inexperienced user will even understand it and useful functions contains much. For example, by means of settings it is possible to expose the mode of the maximum economy of traffic or the most high-quality sounding.

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