Deezer Is Better Than Spotify?

We are lucky that today there are music streaming companies that allow you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere, sync them across all your devices and even download them, all in one place, with access to popular songs, latest released and even old hits that remind you so many times in your life.

Spotify is a platform of Swedish origin that entered the market in 2008, completely changing the way we listen to music, and no doubt it will stay here because it has been one of the public’s favorites for 1 year. It is available in 195 countries and offers the ability to sync across PC and smartphone, making it easy to access your favorite music from anywhere.

Deezer Is Better Than Spotify

Spotify has two types of subscription:

Spotify Free: Gives you access to the Spotify library of over 70 million songs, access to podcasts and audiobooks, the ability to take music with you on a trip, only available for 15 days and with selected playlists, you can listen to them on various devices. Includes ads.

Spotify Premium: This subscription includes everything from Free, only without ads, with better sound quality and allows you to listen to your songs offline. It is divided into:

1. Individual: This is the cheapest plan, you can play your songs anywhere and offline, you have no ads and have on-demand playback. Your monthly cost will be $9.99.

2. Duo: Ideal for best friends or couples as it gives you access to two accounts. It includes a custom plan and gives you the option of Duo Mix, which is a playlist for two people that can be updated with their songs. Its monthly cost is $5.99 for each.

3. Family: You can have up to 6 linked accounts. It offers you Family Mix (a playlist for your family), Spotify Kids (special for kids under 12), and blocking music not suitable for all audiences. Its monthly cost is $14.99.

4. Student. Offers a 50% discount off the individual rate.

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Subscriptions to use Deezer:

1. Deezer is free: works through ads. This gives you access to the song library, but you can click “Next” to skip songs only six times an hour.

2. Deezer Premium: Unlimited high quality music across devices, no ads, offline playback.

3. Deezer Family: Includes the same as the premium plan, but allows you to have six linked accounts paid for at the same price. In addition, you can link your account to auxiliary speakers.

4. Deezer HIFI: Allows you to listen to music in high quality (FLAC) and provides access to multiple devices without sound loss.

5. Deezer Student: Includes the same as the premium package, but at a lower price with a 50% discount. To access this service, you must be a student between the ages of 18 and 25, show proof of enrollment, and reside in certain countries such as: Germany, Brazil, Colombia, USA, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.

If your main goal is to improve the quality of your music listening experience, you have chosen the right Deezer for its sound quality.

On the other hand, if you go hand in hand with listening to podcasts, real search results, well-organized music, and getting new songs from other people’s music, Spotify is the right choice.

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