Deezer launched a project to support female musicians

On the eve of March 8, the streaming music service Deezer launched a project in support of female musicians – «Women’s Voices». So the music service team draws the attention of society to the problems that women face in the music industry.

Genre playlists, interesting facts about female musicians, podcast selections with female presenters will appear on the streaming service. Their goal is to show how genre diverse the female scene is.

In addition to music content, podcast selections will appear – with female presenters who inspire and pay attention to the social problems faced by women.

Kanye West

The prerequisite for launching the project was a study conducted by the Deezer team. According to his data, the compositions of female musicians make up less than 10% of all auditions in the world. Analysts also found that only 4% of women account for the 100 best electronic music artists. With hip-hop and rock, the situation is not much better – 7% of women release music of these genres.

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Pop music turned out to be the most diverse genre – 42% of all leading world artists are women. However, 50/50 gender separation is still a long way off. At the same time, the indicators of 2019 are very different from the figures obtained in 2020: then 25% of tracks performed by women and 75% by men were included in the top 100 best songs according to Deezer.

The French streaming service Deezer is 73 million tracks and 16 million active users around the world every month. It is based on an intuitive algorithm, created by people who love music, and is available on various types of devices – from a mobile phone to smart-TV.

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