Deezer VS Spotify

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Music is always the best choice to pacify your mind and boost up your mental strength. Whenever you need some time of your own, it’s better to lean down and listen to your favorite track which may help you to let your hair down.  In this competitive era of technology, we have all sorts of technical support to back up our tribute to music. These music streaming apps are also one of the methods of showing tribute to music. Today, we see several apps for listening to music or keeping an eye on what’s new.  Our discussion is on two music streaming apps that offer almost the same quality service, but in different features and manner. So, bear with us to know more about these two apps one “Deezer” and other “Spotify” to know which one can suit best for your purpose!

What is Deezer?

Deezer is a French-based music streaming service that was created in Paris for the first time. Currently, it has around 56 million licensed tracks in its library along with 30000 radio channels. Not only this, but it also has 14 million monthly active users and 7 million paid subscribers as per the data till January 2019. It allows listeners to listen to music from pre-recorded labels which include Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group which is the parent company of Deezer. It offers services both online and offline. The service f Deezer is available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Web of course!

What is Best about Deezer?

Deezer keeps track of its users in a few steps. In the very beginning, it asks for the preferred genre and artists of the listeners. This in the future helps Deezerto keep track of the favorites of the users. After that, the checklist of likings and disliking becomes the documents of the user’s choice. Finally, based on the recorded documents Deezer personalizes the user’s choice. 

What is Spotify?

Launched in 2006, Spotify Technology S.A is another music service provider. Although it has been started from Luxemburg and it has its headquarter in Stockholm, it is internationally renowned for its unique service. Primarily the company is an audio streaming service provider that offers DRM(Digital /rights Management Tools) Restricted music and podcasts(a series of audio) from a variety of service providers such as record labels and media companies. The most interesting part is, it offers a “Freemium “service which is a combination of the words “Free” and “Premium”. In this offer, Spotify allows the users to enjoy some part of the basic features such as adverts or automatic music videos for free whereas, extra features such as offline listening and ad-free listening come up with the paid service.

Starting from October 7, 2008, this platform is offering its users with more than 50 million tracks, allowing them a different range of search criteria such as album, artist, genre, etc. It is available around the globe such as America, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Till 2020, the monthly active users of the company were 271 million, which includes 124 paid subscribers.

What is best about Spotify?

The best part of Spotify is that it has the best process. It is always in the figure tip of the users to monitor the taste and tune they like and listen to. Based on their taste, it pops up with a weekly feature that is made by previous weeks browsing and tuning. As days pass on, the level of accuracy of choosing the best fit becomes stronger.

Comparative evaluation of Deezer and Spotify

Although the music industry is overwhelmed with similar music apps, Deezer and Spotify are two of the toppers. They have so many similar features but, have some differences which make them unique from one another.

  • Collection of Music:

With almost 53 million songs, Deezer provides you with a different range of music. If you like variety in your music platter, you must like the app. Speaking about Spotify, being the king of music collection for long, these days it has so much competition as more musical apps show similar specifications. However, the exclusive and strong brand image of the app always gives it more privilege. However, both are quite similar but, Spotify has a vast range of music collection to hear from.

  • Music Quality

Recently, Deezer has launched CD-quality streaming service. The name of the service is Deezer Elite Plan and the Sonos owner and owner of Deezer Premium+ subscriber can also avail the CD-quality music service.

However, in the case of Spotify, the highest quality of music there is 320kbps. It started offering Hi-Fi quality in 2017 which can be the best turn for the company.

  • Exploring the Fresh Music

Looking for something new has always been an inner habit of mankind. In the case of Deezer, the “Deezer Flow” works as a personal soundtrack with the freshly added recommendations based on the taste of the user. The music playlist can be filled with recent picks, frequently played, top tracks, etc. the app also offers a variety of music mix based on a specific genre or playlist. Last but not least, the user can search any music typing the name of the genre, artist or album from the search option.

Similarly, the Spotify app helps you to discover the fresh and new tracks from the recommended tracks which are a reflection of your previous picks. Every week, this history of the listeners is deleted and new recommendations come. Again, the listeners also have the option to search for music of their own choice. Based on the music choice, followings and recent searches of the users, Spotify releases news on those specific matters. It offers a daily music mix which is a collection of the users’ regular soundtracks and also some new vibes. It also gives the chance to have a look at the music feed of the friend or public. I also allow the users to see the artists’ profiles showing the new releases, the upcoming soundtracks, and best sellers. The app lets the users listen from more than 40 million tracks and also helps them to use different options such as browse, mixes, playlists, channels, etc.

Which one is Better?

Now finally the question arises. If both of them are filled with beautiful and user-friendly features, which one should you pay on? It is undeniable that Deezer offers more diversified music soundtracks than Spotify or any other music streaming app. It also offers CD-quality music for the “Deezer Elite” users and listeners can listen to high-quality audio in this plan. The feature named “Deezer Flow” is also unique for music lovers however, it doesn’t have sociable features like Spotify which is not a strong point for the app in this competitive era. Spotify proudly offers all-new extremely beautiful look and user-friendly features with extraordinary content like Videos, Discover, content and social features. Nevertheless, the app is not as user friendly as Deezer. Deezer allows the user to easily browse and navigate. Nothing in this world is perfect. So are these music streaming apps. People use them based on their likings and benefits. Likewise, people may use the one they think is the best fit for them.