Deezer vs Tidal

For the last 5 years the services for granting stream music increased huge audience of music lovers and audiophiles worldwide. In 2020 in the USA counted 160 million paid subscribers of the popular streaming services. And this year already expect more than 600 million users around the world who are ready to pay for tracks of favourite performers. Similar dynamics can be explained with considerable advantages of this format of listening of music over others.

Services for listening of music online exists great variety. Today each IT corporation respecting itself wants to earn on it, and there are still social networks and independent the project.

However when it comes to MP3 sounding, the list of services of stream transfer of music is reduced to several names among which in two are popular – Deezer and Tidal. The first is a native of Paris, he is given birth in France and continues to remain French. The second is from cold Norway. Both services are very popular among true fans of music and give the chance of listening of high-quality musical content.

We will begin our review with the common features characteristic both for one, and for other service. So, both online services have the rich musical libraries and special options of a subscription providing the quality of sounding similar to a MP3. Both platforms are often built in network players and multisystems of different producers.

Deezer vs Tidal

Besides, services have proprietary applications for computers and mobile gadgets. Interfaces of signature applications considerably differ, but have at the same time many common features and a similar set of opportunities. For example, in each of them there is a search in a genre, the performer, an album and the name of composition, both services offer thematic selections and playlists on the basis of musical recommendations to the user which are formed, proceeding from the music listened by him and his search queries on this service can automatically make.

Both stream musical services give an opportunity offline of listening of music with preservation of favourite records in memory of the device, but only for the paid subscribers. Therefore for access to this extremely convenient function it is necessary to issue a paid subscription in the beginning.

The cost of a monthly subscription of the class Hi-fi differs considerably. Deezer will cost almost four times cheaper. The difference in the price disappears if to compare the cost of a family subscription. Tidal have a special family tariff at greatly reduced prices, and at Deezer the similar option exists only for listening of music in MP3 format, and each connected Hi-Fi device should be paid separately.

Besides music of Tidal provides to users of video content. As a rule, it is video clips and exclusive records of concerts. Unique feature of Deezer is function of display of the text of songs in the karaoke mode.

Important factor a camp availability of stream service in any given country. For example, Tidal is presented in much smaller number of the countries, than his competitor. Therefore to subscribe on him, to users from those countries where it is officially not open, it is necessary to register the accounts in other countries in which it legally works. What complicates a task a little.

Deezer vs Tidal

In Tidal FLAC of 1411 kb/s available that completely corresponds to quality to the CD Audio and minimum requirements of HiFi. Now service is available in 54 countries.

So, we will sum up the results. Choosing Deezer we receive the smaller cost of a subscription, also function of a karaoke.

Tidal offers additional video content and stream music in MP3 format.

In both cases the subscribers get access to tens of millions of records in CD quality that in itself is already invaluable.

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Some observers highly appreciated impressive high sound quality of Tidal, without loss and higher payment for a subscription which led to higher fees to actors and authors of songs. Therefore the Norwegian service of a stream music is more attractive to figures of the musical industry who decided to place on it the musical tracks and to receive for this royalty. Say that the royalty size on this service exceeds the royalties received by authors and performers of musical compositions on the most popular stream music service Spotify three times.

Deezer concedes to the direct competitor in this plan a little, but his advantage to figures of the musical industry consists in wider circulation on the world and also bigger number of paid subscribers.

Tidal belongs to Jay-Z and several other successful musical performers now that does it by the first-ever stream service belonging to the actor. And who other as not the actor, will be able to understand all subtleties and wishes of listeners for improvement of the business. Actions of this stream musical platform made the famous performer the clubman of the American and world billionaires.

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