Deezer VS YouTube Music

The music market is getting fiercer competition every day between its participants – music streaming services. And in the competition for users, the one who can offer a higher quality of services at a lower price wins. In particular, music lovers often have the question of which of the two popular music streaming services to use – to choose Deezer or YouTube Music?

Deezer offers a variety of playlists with the addition of a Flow mode that lets you create your own playlists (a bit like Spotify). 320Kbps sound quality in app and web player, but in Hi-Fi FLAC mode as CD (44.1kHz, 16bit). However, the Hi-Fi plan comes at an additional cost, it costs more.

 Deezer VS YouTube Music

Deezer is a French music streaming service that is very popular not only in France itself, but also in many European countries and overseas. But it cannot be said that this streaming platform occupies one of the leading positions in the world of music streaming. Rather, Deezer is considered in some ways an exclusive streaming service due to its large music library and high quality sound in several tariff plans.

Imagine a free plan that allows you to listen to everything in a web player with a single ad limit. However, in the application, you can only listen for free in streaming mode. There is no way to download your favorite tracks, you can not scroll through many songs, and there are many more restrictions.

The cost of the streaming service is: €9.99 per month for individuals, €12.99 per month for families and €4.99 for students. The Hi-Fi subscription costs 14.99 euros per month.

YouTube Music is a service that has replaced Google Play Music. The advantage of YouTube Music is that it is free to use. The limitation lies in the impossibility of playing songs in the background (in addition to the presence of advertising). But the most attractive thing is that covers and remixes of songs are available that are not available on other platforms. This is because YouTube Music is allowed to upload this content, while other services are not.

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There is also customization of playlists based on user search history. You can choose low, medium or high sound quality, but in general it is not at the level of Apple Music.

App price: €9.99 per month for individuals, €14.99 per month for family and €4.99 for students.

But the main advantage of this music streaming service is that you can listen to it for free right in your browser. The free version is, of course, limited in many ways in its features, but in doing so, the user gets access to all the main features of this music streaming application and its huge music library.

If we conclude, then we can safely say that each of the music streaming services described above has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, each user must draw a conclusion for himself about which one suits him best. And the best thing is to try both streaming services in test mode as part of the free version and draw the appropriate conclusion.

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