Desiigner - "Two In One"

Despite the fact that in recent years Desiigner has not released big hits like “Panda” or “Timmy Turner”, and his music has not reached the attention of a wide audience, the artist continued to work on new material.

The single “Two In One” could very well be the rapper’s first step towards a full comeback. Based on a minimalistic beat divided into two parts, Desiigner reminded the listeners of his powerful charisma and ability to adjust the flexible flow to any instrumental.

“Two In One” is a song that showcases Desiigner’s ability to craft infectious melodies, making it a potential hit on the charts. The minimalistic beat, which is divided into two distinct parts, allows Desiigner to showcase his versatility as a rapper, as he effortlessly switches up his flow to match the different beats.

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The lyrics of “Two In One” are centered around Desiigner’s desire to have a dual identity and live life to the fullest. He raps about his love for luxury items, partying, and living life without any regrets. The chorus of the song is catchy, with Desiigner repeating the phrase “two in one” throughout, which is sure to stick in the listener’s head.

While Desiigner’s last hit, “Panda,” was released back in 2016, “Two In One” shows that the rapper still has the ability to create music that can capture the attention of his fans. The single is a departure from Desiigner’s earlier trap-influenced sound and shows a willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles.

Desiigner’s “Two In One” is a promising sign that the rapper is on the path to a full comeback. With his infectious energy and catchy hooks, the song is sure to become a fan favorite and has the potential to bring Desiigner back to the forefront of the rap scene. Only time will tell what the future holds for the rapper, but “Two In One” is a step in the right direction.

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