Did Apple Music Get Rid Of Autoplay?

Some newer generation vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth stereos that can sync with iPhone. One common and must-have feature of this technology is to automatically play iPhone music through Bluetooth speakers when you get into your car. Sometimes music from your library is included, sometimes from a third-party application.

But it is likely that this convenient, from Apple’s point of view, feature may begin to annoy you. There can be many reasons, but the question will be how to deactivate such a function.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic solution to this problem yet. So, you can use the following methods:

1. The simplest solution can not be neglected. To do this, simply switch the volume of the car’s audio system by turning the control to full minimum before turning off the engine. Thus, the next time the music will still turn on automatically, but you simply will not hear it. Yes, completely turning off the volume in the car is not the best solution.

2. Some car audio systems may contain audio settings that allow you to disable autoplay. Every stereo system is different, so you’ll have to look around for the settings yourself and see if the right option is there.

3. If music starts playing from the iPhone application, you can close it every time before getting into the car. Closing apps on iPhone is pretty easy.

4. If the application plays music using a cellular connection, you can disable this feature in it. This will also disable autoplay in the machine. This way you can turn off autoplay from Apple Music and the Music app. But keep in mind that applications will not be able to use cellular communication at all, which will not suit all users.

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Of course, autoplay music is not always appropriate and sometimes just very annoying. You can just turn off the car radio, but in this case there will be not only automatic, but no playback at all. You have to make a few extra moves to turn it on. Nothing, you can get used to it.

Autoplay does not turn on if you have an old-style radio tape recorder that does not ignore the corresponding function. This also happens quite often. In principle, the autoplay function is evaluated by many motorists from a negative point of view. It would seem that it is provided for comfort, but it is natural for a person to resist what is being imposed on him. In addition, autoplay is not always appropriate in a particular traffic situation, when a sudden distraction of the driver’s attention can lead to a traffic accident.

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