Did Apple remove iTunes?

Information that Apple is preparing a replacement for the player iTunes has appeared repeatedly. As a rule, it was indicated that the decision is due to the growing popularity of Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services amid falling sales of music in the Apple store. The iTunes media player was created in 2001, and the online store inside the application appeared in April 2003.

It was assumed that the application would disappear forever. But it didn’t happen. For Windows users, the application continues to work. We are talking about the fact that some versions of the application simply stopped working on Mac. Instead of the iTunes application, the company released separate programs «Music», «TV» and «Podcasts». The reason why the corporation from California Cupertino refused to iTunes was that, according to analysts of the corporation, this application was outdated amid the booming market for streaming music. Just over the past few years, he has shown hypertemps of growth, he is developing exponentially.

Apple remove iTunes

As time showed, the corporation’s refusal of the application was incomplete. It continues to work successfully on Windows OS. For its users, almost no changes occurred, with the exception of updates to this application, which, incidentally, were ambiguously perceived by users.

Apple removed the ability to download applications from the App Store from iTunes version 12.7. However, now the company has revised its decision and quietly released version 12.6.3, which brings this opportunity back to life. The reason is simple. The giant says some companies may still need iTunes to install applications. However, anyone can use the option.

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Recall that Apple decided to remove the above feature in update 12.7. However, now he refuses these decisions. Restores application downloads from the App Store from the iTunes as part of the availability of update number 12.6.3. Reason? According to the giant from Cupertino, some companies may need iTunes to install the application, but the download is mainly available to anyone who wants to restore the functionality that was removed in version 12.7. Installation packages for Mac and PC (both 32-bit and 64-bit) are available for download on the help page. Most users will need to rebuild the library after installation.

The company released an update in September and said the new version is intended exclusively for music, films, television shows and podcasts, as well as books and audiobooks. This was the main reason for removing the built-in App Store. After changing the application and ringtones, you could only download to the iOS device.

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