Did Spotify Lose Subscribers?

At the end of 2021, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify told its listeners that it has over 380 million active subscribers and almost 160 million premium subscribers. But lately, Spotify has lost a certain number of paid subscribers. This is not to say that this loss had a catastrophic impact on the profitability of the streaming service, but nevertheless, it made some adjustments.

Looks like Spotify has finally changed its strategy. The site reacted to the aftermath of the Joe Rogen podcast scandal, which led to the removal of his music from the platform. Why are music lovers rebelling against Spotify? We are talking about the very popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” – Joe Rogan regularly invites conspiracy theorists, representatives of the alt-right and anti-vaccine to his air. He doubts and disapproves of the vaccination’s effectiveness, and he also said that when he fell ill, he was treated with ivermectin (a drug to fight parasites).

Did Spotify Lose Subscribers

It is important to note that the content of the podcast (the most watched in the world in 2021) has already caused open dissent from many people – in early January, more than 270 scientists, doctors and other medical professionals published an open letter condemning Spotify for spreading the theory and supporting it. They urged the platform to use warnings about the falsity of certain materials.

The scandal seriously affected the number of Spotify subscribers. Many of those who consciously and seriously fought the spread of the coronavirus simply abandoned the services of this streaming platform and preferred another streaming service. There was also an acutely negative reaction from representatives of medicine, who fought the virus personally and are fully confident in the correctness of anti-epidemic measures and efforts.

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According to user count statistics, Spotify lost over three million users as a result of this scandal. Although it is not worth directly linking the outflow of paid and free subscribers with this scandal, according to music market experts, it is still not worth it.

Many users are moving from Spotify to other music streaming services. Especially often there is a transition of Spotify premium subscribers to YouTube Music, which is completely free.

In one statement, Spotify representatives reminded that although they monitor illegal and false statements, they also represent complete creative freedom. Freedom, however, must be accompanied by some responsibility – such an influential site cannot rely on each listener to verify the information he hears on his own.

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