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Dieter Bohlen leaves the prestigious European show

The most successful talent show in Europe, «Deutschland sucht den Superstar», is restarting. Next season-2022 DSDS will delight fans with a completely new jury. Its composition has not changed for almost 20 years.

The chairman of the jury, popular singer and composer Dieter Bohlen, transfers his leadership to the jury after the end of the current 2021 season to a strong successor. His name will be announced later, next season. The grand final on April 3, 2021, is the last performance of pop titanium in the chair of the chief judge.

dieter bohlen

Dieter Bohlen, who has been at the top of the European music Olympus for several decades, just decided to relax. Music critics are not at all surprised by this decision, since they are well aware that Dieter is simply tired. In addition, this titanium of the music industry always has a trump card in its sleeve in the form of some new promising project, which will definitely require its direct participation.

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2020 was an incredibly difficult year for the entire music industry as a whole, it posed everyone with unprecedented problems. But for artists this is not only a difficult time. This is the time to find new paths, new styles and a new audience. I comment on the decision of the unsinkable Dieter Bohlen, who managed to create his own musical empire, with approximately such words.

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