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Difference Between Spotify And Hulu

Over the past few years, the world of music and television has changed dramatically. The music world has become completely dominated by streaming services, and television has become the host of television streaming.

If you look at the situation as a whole, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is a platform whose main task is to transfer music content on the Internet. Hulu is a streaming service that broadcasts video content. Literally the last few years have revolutionized the world of music and television.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has become a revolutionary solution that has fundamentally changed the music industry. In the same way, Hulu is associated with revolutionary changes in the world of television.

So, Hulu became the pioneer of Internet TV, and the music streaming service Spotify became the leading music streaming service.

Spotify has free and paid versions. Users of the free version have access to the huge music library of the streaming platform, which consists of more than 70 million tracks. But in this case, you have to put up with frequent commercial breaks and many other restrictions.

Spotify was founded in Sweden in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenzon and has been available to the public since October 2008. During this time, he managed to acquire more than 400 million active monthly users from almost 200 countries on all continents of the planet.

Hulu is an analogue of Spotify, but only in the field of video content. This streaming video service allows you to watch any video anywhere and anytime with the Internet. Hulu hosts a wide range of content including movies and TV shows, hit movies, classics.

You can combine listening to streaming music on spotify and watching streaming video on Hulu. Both streaming services work in collaboration and offer one tariff plan within Spotify Premium. But this offer is not relevant for all users and not in all countries of the world where Spotify works legally.

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So far, this offer is especially relevant to subscribers of the student version of the music streaming service who live and study in Europe and the United States of America.

Every new subscriber gets a 30 day free trial period. If you are convinced that both of these streaming services are right for you, then you can subscribe to Spotify Premium Student for $4.99 per month.

This plan will give you the option to use the Spotify Premium app as well as the basic Hulu plan. But be prepared for Hulu ads to continue. You can’t turn it off in this version. So you get three services with only one plan.

If we try to sum up, we can say that Spotify and Hulu are the leaders in the world of streaming. Only the first in the field of music, and the second – in the field of video content. Using both services together is a very effective marketing solution, as it combines the interests of both streaming music lovers and streaming video lovers. Together, this combination significantly increases the number of users of each of these streaming services and their popularity.

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