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What's The Difference Between the US And The Japanese Version Of Hulu?

The American streaming video service Hulu does not indulge its fans in a variety of countries. The platform currently only operates in the United States of America and Japan.

Hulu is a video distribution service originally distributed by a company based in Los Angeles, California, USA since 2007. A full-blown video streaming service, Hulu, was launched in Japan in 2014.

The basic functionality of Hulu USA and Hulu Japan is almost the same. Even the prices for services are almost the same. Only the Americans pay for it in dollars, and the Japanese in yen. However, there is almost no difference in price between the US version of Hulu and the Japanese version of Hulu, and you can see that the US version is slightly cheaper. The reason in this case, rather, in the exchange rate of the Japanese yen against the US dollar.

In the case of the American version of Hulu, just like the Japanese version, it supports multiple devices and you can watch all previous releases, so there is not much difference in the service. The service involves the use of a huge variety of devices.

However, please note that the American version of Hulu is not exactly the same as the Japanese version of Hulu. The reason is that in the case of the US version, video ads are shown regardless of which tariff you use. In the case of the Japanese version, there are no ads shown, so this can be called a difference.

During the free trial period of two weeks, you can enjoy the same content as the paid service, so you can watch it on various devices, and you can watch more than 90 000 popular movies and series completely free.

However, the Japanese version of Hulu was designed to be easy for Japanese users to use, and in terms of content, it may be easier for Japanese users to use the Japanese version of Hulu.

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The main difference is that the American version of the streaming video service differs from the Japanese version primarily in terms of content. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the tastes of the American audience and the Japanese are significantly different. If the conditions and even the cost of a streaming video service on different shores of the vast ocean are almost the same, then this cannot be argued with regard to content.

The American version is dominated by films and series from the Western world, so to speak. But in the Japanese version, for the most part, it is Japanese films, TV shows, anime and cartoons.

The Japanese try to subscribe to the American version of Hulu in most cases for in-depth study of the English language, which cannot be said about the Americans. Yes, and it is almost impossible to learn Japanese in practice, well, except to make maximum efforts for this.

Otherwise, both versions of the service are very similar. Hulu is often criticized for not pursuing geographic expansion beyond the United States and Japan. But recently, encouraging information has appeared that in the near future Hulu may be officially introduced in European countries.

So far, if you do not live in the United States or Japan, you can only subscribe to Hulu using a specialized VPN service, with which you can virtually transfer to one of the indicated countries when registering an account.

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