Differences Between YouTube Premium And YouTube Music Premium

The content and names of the two streaming services are similar, so it’s a little hard to tell the difference. What service does each have, how do they differ from each other?

YouTube Premium is one of YouTube’s monthly paid services. Within this paid plan, you can use all Google paid music services such as YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Premium is easier to use than YouTube.

When you watch YouTube videos, you regularly get ads. YouTube Premium users do not receive ads. In addition to hiding ads while watching a video, it also hides ads that appear in the list of recommended videos and the summary column of the video being played. Active users of this streaming service will be very comfortable.

You can download the video to your smartphone and watch it later. You can save on communication costs by downloading videos at home with a Wi-Fi connection and watching videos on the go. You can watch it offline for 30 days.

With the YouTube app on your smartphone, you can use other apps while playing music and voice. You don’t have to replay every time you switch apps.

YouTube Originals are original YouTube video content

In addition, music and sound will continue to play even if the device enters sleep mode. This feature is not available in your browser. You cannot watch YouTube Originals on the free version of YouTube.

YouTube Music Premium is the paid version of YouTube Music. YouTube Music is a music distribution service provided by YouTube.

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With the YouTube Music smartphone app, you can use it just like other music services that you can listen to without restrictions. You can listen to YouTube Music for free. However, you will occasionally see ads. YouTube Music Premium is a monthly paid service for YouTube Music. The target video is the same as YouTube Music, but it can be said that this plan will allow you to enjoy music without the stress of constant ads.

The functionality of YouTube Music Premium is similar to YouTube Premium, but only for music videos. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can also use paid plans for YouTube Music Premium. However, even if you subscribe to a paid YouTube Music Premium plan, you won’t be able to use YouTube Premium.

If you choose one, we recommend YouTube Premium. Of course, it will cost a little more, but in this case, all other paid plans become available. Choose wisely even paid services and get more offers and more. Before subscribing, check out not only the tariff plans, but also the services that you purchase with a premium subscription.

Of course YouTube itself is still free, you can use this app unlimited.

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