Disadvantages Of BeatStars

According to the homepage of this popular marketplace, it is the №1 place in the world to buy and sell beats, and its main goal is to inspire musical collaborations between people who write songs and people who make music, bringing together artists from all over the world to truly unleash your potential as songwriters.

It’s a free service but only for the first 10 bits, later tiers include a plan called MarketPlace from 9 euros per month (valid for 99% of users) to Pro Page from 18 euros per month with advanced features that you can read on their dedicated page.

It’s not very intuitive (here’s the first negative): loading the first bit will make you lose hours. There are too many links and features on your dashboard, thankfully customizable and thus cut down later. The user, knowing perfectly well all the functions and settings, sometimes only from the fourth measure can load the beats. Therefore, much more needs to be invested in simplicity with minor features in a separate section.

Once you finally get to know the environment, you’ll find that everything is set up like a social network, so it’s important to immediately start following other beat makers and hope for subscription returns from them. Unlike, for example, Instagram, here the Follow4Follow ratio is higher.

But who should you follow? At first randomly, of course. But is it possible to subscribe only to those who might be interested because they have the same musical tastes as you? No, because there is no producer profiling, only traces. Thinking about it, it might be good for you to expand your reach, but is there any point in randomly advertising yourself in a community of about a million people?

The platform has a built-in paid tool for promoting profiles or tracks at a minimum price of about 5 euros per day. It’s absolutely not worth it if you’ve tried it three times with little to no return: spend it on Google Ads. Don’t think about making money just posting your beats there: take care of your YouTube channel, your favorite social network, and try to open a personal website as soon as possible by investing in advertising through Google or Instagram.

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If you’re looking for an established marketplace that can support you and obviously promote you, then by searching the web and looking at other producers, you can subscribe to BeatStars.

The platform has been working with varying intensity for 12 years, constantly improving and creating new effective features. This service is cross-platform, it works and is compatible with most devices and operating systems.

Creating a profile on BeatStars is free, fast and easy. In a few minutes you are ready to go. You have a Marketplace section, you have a Feed section to follow artists, it’s like being inside a social network for producers.

Experts say that this platform is ideal for emerging artists and beat producers, it is also suitable for established artists, but they should hardly expect stellar earnings on this music platform.

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