Disadvantages Of Spotify And Apple Music

With Apple Music, the user is satisfied with the variety of songs he can listen to and the ability to add songs he has imported to iTunes, but he is very annoyed by the combination of downloaded songs and the music he has. Perhaps this is the weakest point of this music streaming service.

Since iTunes used on PC and Mac, the experience is different on iPhone and Android devices. There is also a feeling that a personal computer is more difficult to use. The fact is that Apple Music is ideal for gadgets from the Apple ecosystem line. But for Android, this platform is suitable much worse.

A significant disadvantage of the Apple Music streaming service is the lack of a free version for users. The cost of an Apple Music subscription is the same as that of a Spotify subscription. Apple has a three-month free trial, but that’s where the new user preferences end.

Spotify has a lot of songs and is strong in western music, but it has little national music content. In addition, this streaming service lacks the exclusive content that Apple Music has in abundance.

There is no difference in the main characteristics of the services, such as price, offline playback, display of lyrics, but in terms of distributed songs, as of 2022, Apple Music has about 5 million more songs than Spotify. And Apple Music has more national music. However, since the number of artists who can listen to national music on Spotify is growing day by day, it can be assumed that it is necessary to use it to check if the artists and songs you like are being distributed. If you have almost all the songs you want to listen to and the prices are about the same, choose the one that is easier to use.

Incidentally, both Apple Music and Spotify are paid subscription type, so you can download and play songs offline, but since this feature can only be used during the duration of the contract, you cannot own the downloaded songs.

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Siri is Apple’s voice assistant, and Apple Music is also an Apple service, so they are compatible, there are few bugs, and there are differences in the functions that can be controlled. It is recommended to use Apple Music with Siri because you can add the song you are playing to your playlist , play your favorite songs, etc., which you can’t do with Spotify.

A significant disadvantage of Spotify will also be the relatively low royalties that this streaming service pays to artists, which has been the subject of repeated appeals from artists to the administration of the Swedish platform.

The difficulty with Apple Music is that you can’t instantly add songs to your library from the music player screen, which requires two taps. Apple Music has one-touch more shuffle and repeat settings than Spotify.

As for the sound quality, in this respect Spotify lags far behind not only Apple Music, but also, first of all, from the main competitors in this parameter – the Tidal and Deezer streaming services, which are famous for their sound and have achieved perfection in this parameter.

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