Disadvantages Of Spotify

Spotify’s music streaming service is getting better every day. New convenient and effective functions appear in it, users can get better and better services.

The main argument against streaming is that the collections collected there will never be our property. Over time, they stopped believing in it for several reasons.

First of all, if content piracy is to become an alternative to streaming, the content will never be ours in the light of the law. Secondly, the exact same mechanism works on gaming platforms like Steam, where we really only borrow the game from the distributor. Somehow that doesn’t stop people from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars there, which makes a $9.99 monthly Spotify subscription look rather pale. Thirdly, when we want to legally purchase our entire collection on Spotify, for example in the form of CDs, we are faced not only with an exorbitant price, but also a lack of availability.

Anyone who wants to buy an album from an obscure band at least once in their life knows what it is. When you buy CDs, you also get something more – a physical copy that you can gift to someone, sell for a profit, or leave it to your kids, for example.

Unfortunately, Spotify (and other streaming platforms) have a very nasty habit of interfering with a library that’s already on the site. The best example of this, especially in the field of rock music, is the vogue for all sorts of remastered discs. Unfortunately, in many cases the numbers are remastered in accordance with modern trends, which means that the volume is turned up, compression is turned on (in music this means equalization between the quietest and loudest point of the song) and the vocals are brought forward, at the expense of the instrumental layer, of course. And there would even be swallowing if it ended there. Unfortunately, sometimes producers are guided by their imagination, and new songs sound completely different from their prototypes, there are many examples.

If we listen to remastered and original songs by Scorpions or Deep Purple from the 70s, we will hear a significant difference. The new songs gained momentum in many respects, but they lost something much more important – their unique and inimitable atmosphere. The remasters in many places miss the technical limitations of those years, but no one takes into account that it was these limitations that gave much of this music its character.

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If only a remastered edition of this disc is released to the market, Spotify will replace it in our library at the request of the publisher without even asking us for our opinion on the subject.

If you add the fact that on Spotify the phenomenon of the temporary disappearance of entire discographies happens non-stop, and in many places their library is still empty.

Unfortunately, many music lovers often find themselves dusting off files torrented ten years ago or ripped from a CD, or playing a playlist on YouTube. This is because this way they will hear the sound they want.

Place two versions of this disc in your library – the original and the remaster – and let users decide which version they want to add to their library.

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