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These days, music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have completely changed the way people consume music.


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However, posting own tracks on these platforms is not always as easy as posting a music video on YouTube. Now artists and songwriters need some sort of company that distributes digital music acting as an intermediary and streaming music on that artist’s behalf.

Fortunately, there are many options for distributing digital music, one of which we’ll talk about today is DistroKid.

DistroKid happens to be one of the top and most respected musical distribution services in the year 2020. The service is based on a subscription, which means you just have to pay a yearly $19.99 fee.

After that you can post:

  • as many songs as you like;
  • whenever you want;
  • as long as you are subscribed.

You also get to keep 100% of the royalty you receive from the music streaming services.

The only disadvantage of the subscription-based system is that all your music will be deleted if the annual fee is no longer payable.

However, what sets DistroKid different from many other distribution firms is the possibility to configure automated royalty distribution. That’s really fantastic in situations where a band of artists has worked on a song, and everyone owns the rights to a piece of the track. 

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If you need to transfer songs from one platform to another, our MusConv service can help you to solve this problem. It’s easier than you think – just sign up and try it out!