DJ Khaled Cars

When it comes to DJ Khaled, the only thing he loves almost as much as music and family is his cars. DJ Khaled is one of the most successful figures in the music industry right now. With a net worth of $75 million, he owns some of the most fashionable items in the world.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled was born in November 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was born to a Palestinian family that immigrated to the United States. Khaled came from a family of musicians who excelled in Arabic music, and his brother was also well established as an actor. When he reached fame, he set aside a separate space for himself where he could outshine the rest of his family with his extraordinary musical talent.

Today, Khaled is worth over $75 million and is proud to own some of the most fashionable rides in the world. Here is a brief overview of DJ Khaled’s garage.

Cadillac Escalade. It goes without saying that a car connoisseur should own a luxury SUV or two. In Khaled’s case, that luxury SUV is the Cadillac Escalade. The Cadillac Escalade is a must-have purchase for hip-hop moguls with millions of dollars worth. The cost of the model was about 76 thousand dollars.

2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe. To a Rolls-Royce freak like Khaled, the Wraith is just another car in his garage. Owned by DJ Khaled, the Wraith is an exquisite Arabian blue beast. Launched in 2016, this car produces 623 horsepower and is powered by a 6592cc twin-turbocharged V12 engine. The musician bought this model for an incredible price of around $285,000 and it is one of the cheapest luxury cars a DJ owns. In an interview, he mentioned that he always wanted to have Rolls Royce Wraith, Dawn and Phantom in his collection, and he fulfilled these conditions.

Rolls Royce Dawn. Among the many Rolls Royce cars owned by Khaled, the Rolls Royce Dawn is one of a kind. Its starting price is around $341,125. A brilliant business strategy that Rolls-Royce has always followed is to choose innovative names for its models.

Maybach 57S is a special model because it was one of the first released by this luxury brand after its rebirth by Daimler-Chrysler AG. At the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, Maybach presented the initial concept for this exclusive model. DJ Khaled purchased this car for about $417,402. This is his precious possession, because the value of this beast began to rise when production stopped after 2012.

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2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. In 2017, the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII was the most luxurious car of the year, and the following year, Khaled added it to his fine collection. It looks like the DJ won’t get tired of Rolls-Royce cars anytime soon. Although he owns numerous Rolls Royces, each one is unique and unlike the others. The price of this model is about $450,000. This vehicle is known for providing the most serene and quiet cabin experience.

2012 Maybach 62S Landole. Besides Rolls Royce, Maybach is another car brand that DJ Khaled is in love with. He not only owns a Maybach 57S, but also a Maybach 62S Landaulet. The beast cost him over $1.3 million, according to, and Khaled has no regrets about the massive purchase. This model is a specially designed convertible and is the epitome of luxury. The Beast is a giant limousine 672 with a huge cloth roof. The minimum number of these cars was produced in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. The production of this model began in America in 2009, but was stopped by 2012, so DJ Khaled can be considered one of its lucky owners.

DJ Khaled can afford such luxury trips because his net worth has grown exponentially over the years. He started out as a millionaire with roughly $7 million in 2014 and has made up to $75 million in 2022. He also has luxury estates in places like Los Angeles and Miami.

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