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DJay Pro 2 export playlist

Have you ever heard about DJing programs? These special services give music fans a great opportunity to feel like famous DJs.

DJay Pro 2 export playlist

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There is such a great variety of them! Serato, Virtual DJ, Ableton Live, Mixxx, DJay Pro 2, and others apps that plunge people into the incredible bright world of rhythm and music. All of them have similar algorithms of work.

Do you want to know how they work? Follow our post as now we are going to show their work by example.

Let’s talk about DJay Pro 2. It’s powerful DJ software that is used to mix songs both on PC and mobile platforms. The algorithm of work on this service is really easy! All you need to do is to download an app, add songs and make a mix.

This app has its own playlists, so you can choose songs from there. If you don’t like its songs, you have an opportunity to download your playlists from streaming services such as SoundCloud, iTunes, and Tidal.

On the stage of finishing your song mix, you may ask DJay Pro 2 export playlist. However, it may be a problem as now you can export history as a CSV only. There is no way of exporting playlists themselves.

Earlier, there were special options that could save playlists on PDF and even export them to iTunes.

All in all, it’s a really interesting platform that gives individuals an opportunity to try themselves in a new creative field. Presumably, no one will face difficulties while using this app. The only thing that can upset you is an inability to add songs from Spotify. Don’t think that it’s DJay Pro 2 fault! It’s Spotify’s recent policy. The authority of the application decided to stop supporting such DJing apps.

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Nevertheless, don’t get upset prematurely if all your playlists were created on Spotify. You can transfer all songs to another platform using the special service MusConv. It’s your best solution to the question of music content transferring. Move your playlists and start to develop your DJ skills.