DJay Pro 2

What is DJay Pro 2?

DJay Pro 2 is the Alogoriddim’s next-generation award-winning software package that with the aid of artificial intelligence can help the DJs to govern mixing of music according to their liking within the app. The original DJay Pro gave ace mixers access to the total intensity of the advanced Mac. DJay Pro 2 includes significantly a lot of force yet, in addition, makes mixing more and more open to everybody. DJay Pro 2 is pro at recognizing rhythm patterns by using machine learning. It mixes the songs in the best way possible, ultimately making it an ideal software for DJs. DJay Pro gives you more quick access to your favorite playlists and tracks than the original DJay pro. Compared to the previous version, the waveforms of DJay Pro 2 are much better and more explained. You can zoom to an unimaginably exact level on the off chance that you need to set a cue point at the exact time. At the point when you’re changing from one track to the next, you can decide to continue playing impacts on the first track because of the new fade-out effect option. In comparison with the original DJ pro, DJ Pro 2 is more powerful with additional features that enhance the mixing of music experience for everyone.

DJay Pro 2’s perfect sound quality and enhanced set of features including top-notch waveforms, four decks, sound impacts, video blending and hardware integration give you unending innovative flexibility to take your sets higher than anyone.  You can get this software only through macOS platform.

A list of unique features offered by DJay Pro 2:

There is a wide list of DJay pro 2 software features and it, however, the features that made this software a miraculous software and better than the original DJay pro are stated below:

  • Outstanding mixing by the help of artificial intelligence
  • DJay PowerPoint
  • Much advanced library management
  • A full Keyboard editor
  • Improved audio engine
  • Handy for blind people

Outstanding mixing by the help of artificial intelligence:

By getting help of artificial intelligence, DJay pro 2 won’t take your effort of mixing the music because everything is done automatically. According to Alogoriddim, DJay Pro 2 is being trained to use machine learning which enables it to automatically mix the music. The Automix AI effectively recognizes in and out points to transition. Transition can be visually seen if Automix is active in the background. During the process of song transition, if you opt for a standard deck interface then you will be able to witness how Automix AI increases and decreases EQs at that particular moment. This eventually is very fruitful for newbies who want to get a grip on the ideas of the mix as it happens instead of gauging a DJ who turns some knobs.

You can indicate how you’d need the Automix to operate. There are eight distinct transitions to look over Automatic, Fade, EQ, Filter, Echo, Brake and Reverse. You can set the term of the blend to Automatic or Manual what’s more, Tempo Adjust lets you indicate whether you’d need the BPM to match up or to “Transform”, which lets a track mix in at an alternate beat before coming back to its default.

In case you are a DJ who gives music not simply to the after-party but also for different parts of the occasion excessively, for example, visitor registration, supper, etc, at that point AI Automix can make your assignment simpler by doing the music for those angles for you in a sonically satisfying manner – simply make a playlist of music and let DJay Pro 2 do all the working for you.

DJay PowerPoint:

The inclusion of PhotoBeat in DJay Pro 2 is another amazing feature that makes DJay Pro 2 stand out as the best and even more loveable software. With the help of this amazing feature, any DJ would be capable to add a variety of photos to their live mixes, beat-match to music and they can even share it with an external display. With the help of DJay Pro 2, you can beat-match up to every four beats or even as slight as ¼ beat. It’s entrancing witnessing photographs flash before your eyes flawlessly synchronized to your main songs. A DJ’s work can get even more exciting and easy with this feature.

Much advanced library management:

One of the increasingly dissatisfactions in mixing in with DJ programming is getting the whole music together. There was a time when vinyl-mixing DJs had to carry boxes with all their music. In the end, many went for CDs, and now more-ordinarily USB drives are utilized with CDJs. Then with the arrival of DJay, everyone got inspired by it once they saw how amazingly DJay handles Spotify.

In DJay Pro 2, you will find out that Algoriddim has intensified the music library management. Having a unique system of the queue, DJay Pro 2 grants you the permission to include music from numerous sources such as you can add music from the iTunes library and then afterward you can add even more. If you dig through Spotify’s playlists then you will find out that you can add even more music, ultimately making you realize that DJay pro 2 is the real pro.

With this new library management system, you would be able to split the bottom half of the screen enabling you to show a variety of playlists next to each other. There is a smart filter that enables you to easily identify songs and organize your playlists.

Keeping all this in mind with the new 320 kbps file support from Spotify, you will realize that DJay Pro 2 is a genuine powerhouse of mobile media library management.

A full Keyboard editor:

Another cool feature of DJay Pro 2 is the keyboard editor. You can design the keyboard shortcuts that suits your liking and it is because DJay pro 2 offers a complete keyboard editor. Re-mapping of some basic controls couldn’t get any more faster with this editor. From loading songs onto decks to individual EQ controls, everything can be done smoothly.

Improved Audio Engine:

This new version of DJay accurately analyzes track and creates the highest resolution waveform. The speed is much improved and latency is ultra-low. Filters, loops and everything is much more enhanced quality-wise.

Handy for blind people:

DJay Pro 2 software also works with voice over, ultimately enabling the blind people to use this software as well.

Spotify search:

Djay Pro 2 lets you sift through Spotify’s whole 30 million or more tune inventory to search for a track, and interestingly, all the melodies come named with both melodic key and beat.

What is the compatibility of DJay Pro 2?

It is compatible with any Mac running macOS. A supported streaming membership and a connection with the internet would be required to have access to songs from streaming service from DJay Pro 2.


DJay Pro 2 is offered at a limited price of $39.99 (US) from the Mac App Store. It’s not clear how long this price will be retained, however, when the price will change then it will be $49.99. The free trial is available on the company’s website.

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