DJing With Djay Pro And Tidal

DJing with streaming music is now easier than ever. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, Algoriddim Djay brings you entire Beatport, Soundcloud or Tidal music catalogs with over 70 million tracks and 250,000 videos and music recommendations.

The only requirement you need to have besides a computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone and a software license for Algoriddim Djay Pro is a Tidal Premium account. Anyone who has previously worked with Algoriddim and Spotify will receive a voucher for 3 free months of Tidal from Algoriddim. Otherwise, you can test the streaming service for free for a month, after which it costs $9.99 per month. Students are given a whopping 50% discount, after which they can start.

If you have opened a premium account and are online, you need to log into Tidal once and allow Algoriddim Djay to connect to your user account. Then you open settings and click on the red icon with a white note symbol, your library. Here you determine whether the tracks should be streamed in high or normal quality. In my opinion, standard quality is enough for home use. Otherwise it is certainly also a matter of available internet speed.

In the lower left corner of the screen, you will find icons for various browsers and browsing options. If you click the black and white Tidal icon on the left, all other libraries will be hidden. Next to it is a menu where you can choose between the playlists you’ve already created on Tidal, the view feature, and videos. Depending on which you choose, a view of your Tidal playlists or all songs will appear in the middle, as well as an associated browser to search for suitable music in different genres.

The last function on the right remains. If you already have the number on the player, you can use the arrow icon to suggest the pieces that match the current track. Otherwise, there is a list menu for queuing music by drag and drop. You can also zoom in or out on the Library view in the bottom left corner as needed.

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Let’s say you still have no idea what you want to DJ with. In this case, the suggestion system can serve you well. Once you’ve submitted your first track, you click the appropriate icon and the Echo Nest’s built-in technology analyzes the songs for you based on various factors such as style, pitch, and speed.

For licensing reasons, it is not possible to use Djay Pro’s recording function when playing music from Tidal. Of course, you can record the tracks that you have in your music library as usual in the mix.

If you download Tidal music to local files and import them into Algoriddim, it will be able to detect beats per minute automatically.

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