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Do DJs need a license to play music?

All music is created by authors, and these persons have copyrights to their songs or compositions. The studio recording company may also have the rights to the song, broadcast it on radio or television, or promote it. Is there a difference if a song was written entirely by you– from start to the end, and if you have taken someone else’s song and remixed it? In other words, do DJs need a license to play music?

Do DJs need a license to play music?

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First of all, it should be said that the creator of the remix has a copyright to the remix. However, this person has no right to use his remix in any way before getting permission to create a remix from the original track’s author. It is also important that both performers and producers of phonograms are considered owners of the musical composition.

If the work was done without an agreement from an owner of the original composition, the remix is considered illegal. However, it is worth saying that the different situations could be here.

There are such types of usage of music:

  • private;
  • commercial.

The difference is that if, for example, in clubs, DJs play their mixes for customers – it is commercial use. If you play your remixes at home or with a circle of friends – it is private use of music. So, according to the laws, if you use the songs for commercial purposes, you have to pay for them and get a special license.

Therefore, if you are a novice DJ, you should definitely dig into music regulations. Especially, it is important if you’re determined to make it your basic profession.

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