Do I need Amazon Music if I have Prime?

Amazon, whether it’s actually the best service for your money or not, is one of the most popular services around. If you discount an all-time winner Spotify with its 345 000 000 members, a seemingly unbeatable classic such as Pandora, new but technologically fierce Apple, and Tidal, who everyone always seems to come to for high-quality music. Not a bad call though. 

Amazon Music offers reasonable prices with tons of highly customizable content and quite a few subscription plans – in fact, so many that you can easily get confused. Do you need Amazon Music if you Have Amazon prime? The quick answer is no – Amazon Music is included and comes for free with your Prime membership. 

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The long answer is whether you want services that come for free but don’t offer you as many opportunities as others, which can be quite spectacular. For example, we already mentioned Spotify, which is remarkably handsome and offers unlimited Free Plans for anyone willing. The generosity seems to be paying off with over 300 000 000 fans, almost half of whom are Premium. You’ll find other attractive options across the industry such as, for example, Apple Music with one of the best-known names in the business behind it – or Pandora with its vast, vast experience. 

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